Thursday, January 10, 2019


So we're not sure if we can even have a Patreon since we're neither Bob Ross nor a topless 20-something-year-old female playing fortnite.... but we have one right HERE! So check it out... certain Patrons can get their names tattooed on our assess... so theres that 😉🤣

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check it out y'all, we're officially announcing season one of the Off the Rocks Podcast
S1E1: 03.05.19 Vegas Road Trip with Maggie
S1E2: 03.12.19 Renaissance Fair with Cooper and Ronnie
S1E3: 03.19.19 Goat Yoga with Joe and Brandi
S1E4: 03.26.19 Rage Room with Valerie, Fred and Kevin 
S1E5: 04.02.19 iFly Skydiving with Angie
S1E6: 04.09.19 Lego Land with Justin and Naomi
S1E7: 04.16.19 Camping with Charles and Chad feat GUNS
S1E8: 04.23.19 Skydiving with Angie
S1E9: 04.30.19 Grand Canyon with Maggie, Price and Nelson
S1E10: 04.07.19 Escape Room (Season Finale) with Maggie, Chad, Ronnie, Joe, Brandi, Val, Angie, Charles, Price and Nelson

These are subject to some change but we're motivated and committed to them!
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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Season 1 & 2 Announcement!

So in order to truly motivate us and make us do this thing right, we've decided to make deadlines and put out backs to the wall. Season one of the Off The Rocks Podcast will be debuting Tuesday, March 5th, 2019. It will be a 10 episode, weekly run. Some of the episodes to look forward to: Grand Canyon Trip, Skydiving, Goat Yoga, Rodeo, Ren Fair and Shooting Range!

S1E1: 03.05.19
S1E2: 03.12.19
S1E3: 03.19.19
S1E4: 03.26.19
S1E5: 04.02.19
S1E6: 04.09.19
S1E7: 04.16.19
S1E8: 04.23.19
S1E9: 04.30.19
S1E10: 04.07.19

We may be able to extend and do a longer season, we may not. We'll also have a summer season coming in June! In the summer, we'll do episodes like Mexico Trip, Salt River and Sedona.

S2E1: 06.18.19
S2E2: 06.25.19
S2E3: 07.02.19
S2E4: 07.09.19
S2E5: 07.16.19
S2E6: 07.23.19
S2E7: 07.30.19
S2E8: 08.06.19
S2E9: 08.13.19
S2E10: 08.20.19

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PS the last post is called "we might be bad at podcasting," but this show is going to be really damn fun, so don't give up on us!

We might be bad at podcasting

The fact that we haven't even started recording leads me to think that we might be bad at podcasting. Between working a ton and the holidays, we haven't had much time and honestly the both of us are kind of broke.

Good news is we started an Instagram account where we'll be posting content, check it out!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Already delayed!

Hey friends,

So... we're getting off to a rocky start--see what I did there?--as we have already delayed the debut of the show. Michael is going home to Ohio for the holidays and we're realizing how ambitious that 1/1/19 date was for how busy we are. So we'll share exactly what its going to happen as soon as we know.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018


So far, this is just about everything from Amazon that I'd like to have for the podcast, obviously not gonna happen right now, but if we had all this stuff it'd be super dope and we'd post videos not just podcast format. we need some sponsors...

This is the non amazon stuff for the studio...

This is the cute little place I want to buy so I can put the studio in the second bedroom...


Stay Tuned...

The Pod officially drops 1/1/19!

Until then, keep up to date with Michael and I...

Michael (aka Johnni Mak):
John (aka John because I'm not fucking complicated like him):


We'll both be dropping info from time to time (specifically tuesdays)

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