Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Season 1 & 2 Announcement!

So in order to truly motivate us and make us do this thing right, we've decided to make deadlines and put out backs to the wall. Season one of the Off The Rocks Podcast will be debuting Tuesday, March 5th, 2019. It will be a 10 episode, weekly run. Some of the episodes to look forward to: Grand Canyon Trip, Skydiving, Goat Yoga, Rodeo, Ren Fair and Shooting Range!

S1E1: 03.05.19
S1E2: 03.12.19
S1E3: 03.19.19
S1E4: 03.26.19
S1E5: 04.02.19
S1E6: 04.09.19
S1E7: 04.16.19
S1E8: 04.23.19
S1E9: 04.30.19
S1E10: 04.07.19

We may be able to extend and do a longer season, we may not. We'll also have a summer season coming in June! In the summer, we'll do episodes like Mexico Trip, Salt River and Sedona.

S2E1: 06.18.19
S2E2: 06.25.19
S2E3: 07.02.19
S2E4: 07.09.19
S2E5: 07.16.19
S2E6: 07.23.19
S2E7: 07.30.19
S2E8: 08.06.19
S2E9: 08.13.19
S2E10: 08.20.19

We haven't yet finalized distribution and posting, but follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and right fuckin' HERE for more updates. You can also follow Michael on Facebook or Instagram and John on Facebook and Instagram for further updates and to see our beautiful smiling faces as much as possible. We love you all.

PS the last post is called "we might be bad at podcasting," but this show is going to be really damn fun, so don't give up on us!

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