Thursday, January 10, 2019



check it out y'all, we're officially announcing season one of the Off the Rocks Podcast
S1E1: 03.05.19 Vegas Road Trip with Maggie
S1E2: 03.12.19 Renaissance Fair with Cooper and Ronnie
S1E3: 03.19.19 Goat Yoga with Joe and Brandi
S1E4: 03.26.19 Rage Room with Valerie, Fred and Kevin 
S1E5: 04.02.19 iFly Skydiving with Angie
S1E6: 04.09.19 Lego Land with Justin and Naomi
S1E7: 04.16.19 Camping with Charles and Chad feat GUNS
S1E8: 04.23.19 Skydiving with Angie
S1E9: 04.30.19 Grand Canyon with Maggie, Price and Nelson
S1E10: 04.07.19 Escape Room (Season Finale) with Maggie, Chad, Ronnie, Joe, Brandi, Val, Angie, Charles, Price and Nelson

These are subject to some change but we're motivated and committed to them!
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